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It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found



My approach

I aim to deeply attend to the other person's experience, to  provide a relational home for their experience.  Our distress often arises from  feeling that it is our fault and  we can feel very alone with this.  I see psychotherapy  as a process of being accompanied to feel into one's experience, to more fully inhabit oneself and then to make sense of this experience.  When we can accept and understand what we feel, we can be more skilful in working with ourselves and others.  

I first trained in Gestalt and then Integrative Psychotherapy at bcpc and am also influenced my mindfulness/awareness meditation which I have been practicing studying and teaching for 30 years in the Shambhala Tradition.  I work from home in a cabin in my garden,  GL6 8LL.

I am a qualified supervisor and tutor on the MA in Integrative Psychotherapy course at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, Bcpc.

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